Sathaporn "Hubert" Hu
TH: สถาพร ฮู | ZH: 胡秀楷

PhD Candidate, Dalhousie University

A prototype of Gander, my PhD project. Since this software is patent-pending, an outdated prototype is shown instead.

I am a PhD candidate at GEMLab, Dalhousie University, under the supervision of Derek Reilly. My specialization includes augmented reality, information visualization, and human-computer interaction. Furthermore, I have experience in UI design, data science, and web development. I was also a MITACS intern at Ericsson from 2020 to 2021. I am an alumnus of the University of Calgary (MSc) and the University of Toronto (HBSc).

Currently, my technology stack is: Unity, MRTK, C#, HTML, R, Python, and Microsoft Office. However, I also worked with other technologies in the past (eg. Django, Visual Basic, Android, and iOS development). I also have some knowledge in cognitive science, computer-assisted language learning, and development for seniors from my experience before my PhD program.

Past Work

In the past, I held the following positions. Please see LinkedIn for more detail:


I am working or worked on the following projects: